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‘Am I Next?’: Ferguson’s Protests Through the Eyes of a Teenager


"this ain’t Florida…"


Sun Kil Moon - Richard Ramirez Died Today Of Natural Causes 

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okay i am a little confused?

Anonymous asks: Remember this; No matter how numb you are, how trapped you feel, or how weakened your grip becomes. I will always be waiting, missing you, thinking of you and loving you from miles away. I believe in everything you are. I hear you. We were one once.

i appreciate everything you just said but what do you mean we were one once?


Toshio Saeki


Toshio Saeki


Iidabashi metro station by Solly Mimms on Flickr.
But then I realized I was holding onto something that didn’t exist anymore. That the person I missed didn’t exist anymore. People change. The things we like and dislike change. And we could wish all day long that they didn’t, but they always will.
—Sarah Ockler (via rhymez)

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it’s been a long time since i’ve felt butterflies in my stomach.